Ep 97 The culture of tech with Aurynn Shaw

Anna (@where_is_anna) from PledgeMe is back to give us an update on the amazing things happening on the site.

We also catch up with Aurynn Shaw (@aurynn / http://eiara.nz/)part 2 of a chat we had months ago – Ep 74 The Default Human with Aurynn Shaw, as Mike and Aurynn talk about Dev ops in organisations including Govt, Business and startups.

We dive in the cultural as well as the technical aspects of Dev ops and how change can occur – for the right reasons. Aurynn also shares a story of how Devs can have “We're better than you” mentality much like sports rivalry and why is isn’t important.

Aurynn gives us an update on how her own start up is going – fascinating stuff

Bonus – Aurynn introduces us to “Engineers disease” – which is a conversation for another podcast. Mike explains one of the reasons why we do this podcast – to connect people.