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Miki Szikszai

CEO - Snapper Services Ltd

At Snapper we are driven by a vision that we can make every day things easier. Simple things like catching a bus, paying for parking, grabbing a morning coffee all steal time from people every day. We know if we do a great job of removing friction, by crafting products and services with purpose and intention and by backing it up with empathic support, then we can make a difference.

Our team has broken new ground by releasing innovative new products based on the convergence between mobile and smart card technology. You want to top up a Snapper by simply touching it to your phone ? We’ve got that covered. You want to use your phone to pay *instead* of a smartcard? Welcome to the future. 

We believe there is a global market for these services and we’re working with like minded companies to make this happen. Our vision is underpinned by a model that leverages global partners to bring useful products to customers and to provide channels where we can offer solutions in different markets. This lets us have a small and focused team where we can produce our best work.

There are four aspects of my role at Snapper 

1.    Ensure we continue to ask the right questions about our vision and craft a strategy in response;
2.    Securing a pipeline of relevant opportunities for Snapper;
3.    Develop the environment and develop the people & capability so we can do meaningful work; 
4.    Measure our performance against our plan and ensure we don’t settle for second best.

If you’re keen on sharing ideas or think you could contribute to Snapper then I’m keen to connect. Just let me know in your introduction what you’d like to connect about and we can take it from there. If you want to know more about the quality of the people who work at Snapper, please review their profiles.

Experience: 20+ years in technology roles; 10+ years in leadership roles

Specialities: Innovation, growth, product and service development, design, people leadership, payments, telco.

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